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I bought a horse, a young horse, in 2015. Back then I was quite inexperienced with horses myself. But I had lots of dreams, lots of love for these animals and lots of plans for our shared future. I chose a horse with jumping potential so that we could conquer parcours in the future.

Our beginnings were not easy… to put it mildly. Golden Boy was a young, hot horse who needed a teacher, and I needed a horse teacher myself. That’s a topic for a separate post by the way – why “young”, inexperienced riders should not buy young horses! Anyway, once we have, more or less (though from the perspective of time, I can say it was less) overcome our problems in communication, I hoped that would be the beginning of our “sports” adventure. I wanted to go for competitions, I knew my horse was very scopey so I wanted to go for it.

What I didn’t do was to listen to my Golden Boy, to give him some more time to get used to me and give myself some time during which I could get to know him better. Unfortunately, I did not have a coach, a mentor who would guide me in a good direction at that time either… As a consequence we did not wait long for something bad to happen. We had an incident while riding out in the fields. He threw me off his back and ran away back to the stables. This, unfortunately, resulted in a serious injury and he became lame. I was unaware of the seriousness of the injury at that time but time showed it was incurable. I did everything in my power to cure my horse.

I had 3 top vets treat him, which took as long as 3.5 years. Initially I could not accept the idea that my horse won’t be able to be ridden any more. However, as the time has passed and I started spending more “quality time” with my horse – playing, walking, cuddling, learning each other… I slowly started to come to terms with the option that perhaps he will not be able to be ridden, not to mention jumping.

Over the time we both changed, I’ve started to listen to him, I tried to understand his fears, his anxiety, his emotions and, above all, his needs. And he has learned to trust me. Our relationship is not perfect yet and there is still room for improvement but we’ve got time.

He’s 10 years old now, so we’ve got lot’s of time. We may not conquer parcours together but we can feel good with each other, go for walks together, do some ground work and simply enjoy each other’s company. In the end, that’s something that should count most in a good relationship.